Proven Usability: Preferred by Clinicians

Look for industry-wide comparisons. VistA is the #1-rated EHR by physicians.

Top rated in overall satisfaction, connectivity & clinical content

Causes the least time-drag for physicians

Majority of physicians are already trained on VistA

A Solution You Can Afford

Open Source VistA saves millions of dollars.

$92 Million

West Virginia University (WVU) spent $92 million to acquire and implement a proprietary EHR system in its 7 hospitals that operate 526 beds.

$9 Million

West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources spent $9 million to acquire and implement VistA across its 7 hospitals that operate 776 beds.

No Vendor Lock-In: Configurable & Flexible

With open source, you’re not dependent on vendor-scheduled upgrades. You own the code. Extensions and innovations can be on your schedule and terms.

Ready for interoperability- open platform with published API’s

Access to 100’s of add-ons & enhancements, many at no cost

Vibrant implementation & support system available

Vibrant Community

Exchange software and ideas with users all over the world.


Oroville Hospital in Northern California, with a medical staff of more than 130 physicians, self-implemented VistA in 2012.

Hashemite Kingdom
of Jordan

Jordan began implementing VistA in 2009 across their national healthcare system.

Idaho State

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare implemented VistA at its North and South hospitals.

Indian Health

VistA is used in over 380 Indian Health Service hospitals and clinics.

New York

Lutheran Medical Center, a 476-bed teaching hospital in Brooklyn, NY, has used VistA since 2010.

New York

New York State Office of Mental Health selected VistA for 24 Hospitals and more than 300 clinics.

North Carolina

North Carolina Central Regional Hospital went live with VistA in 2013.


The Tennessee Department of Health has selected VistA as its statewide EHR.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Today’s VistA serves nearly 9 million Veterans as part of the largest healthcare system in the United States.

Find An Open Source VistA Solution Provider

Open Source VistA is proven in the commercial marketplace


More than 25 years of development, use and evolution


More than $2 Billion invested in EHR development


Over 370 commercial
installations in the United States

Cost-Effective and Customizable

Open source VistA is the most cost-effective and customizable EHR in its class. Click on the button below to view the presentation Business Drivers Behind Open Source EHR Acquisition and Implementation. Please email us at if you have additional questions.

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